Agency, Land, Concierge Arrangements and shore excursions

The History of  Malta is intimately tied with the history of  Valletta Grand Harbour.

The Harbour wears a line of fortifications like a girdle. These massive constructions were built by the Knights of St. John and rank as one of the most enduring monuments to their rule. It provides a memorable introduction to what lies in store for Malta’s guests.

The cruise industry is a thriving sector of the tourism industry in Malta, offering unparalleled experiences to travellers seeking both adventure and relaxation. For cruise operators, ensuring a seamless and memorable voyage for passengers is of utmost importance. This involves meticulous planning and coordination between various parties.

The Gollcher Group can support with any of the following:

  • Ship Agency
  • Land Arrangements including Concierge service
  • Shore Excursions
  • A “one-stop shop solution” solution – the option for combining all the above
Valletta Cruise Port

The Passenger Terminal at Pinto Wharf is managed by Valletta Cruise Port, was built in the 19th Century and has undergone restoration and modernisation making it host to thousands of visitors each year.


There are four primary quays (Pinto Wharf 1-2, 3, 4-5 and Wine Wharf).


Each quay is capable of taking a maximum vessel length (LOA) of 360m, 220m, 360m and 135m respectively. There are no restrictions with regard to vessel width/beam.

Other advantages include:

  • Operation 24/7
  • Security Officers and ISPS Compliant
  • Customs & Immigration available 24/7
  • Porter Service and Baggage Rooms
  • Coach Capacity 50+ and may be positioned directly on quays
  • Terminal used as both Turnaround Port and Transit

During 2022 there were a total of 283 Passenger Ship Calls totaling 529,247 Passengers (Transit = 378,592 and Turn Around = 150,655). The projected 2023 figures are 313 Passenger Ship Call totaling 896,059 Passengers (Transit = 687,238 and Turn Around = 208,821).


Valletta Cruise Port also maintains an additional three spill over quays (Deep Water Quay, Boiler Wharf and Lab Wharf) capable of taking 333m, 294m and 360m vessel lengths.


Besides the Grand Harbour (Valletta), anchorage positions off the picturesque Island of Calypso, Gozo are also possible.

Ship Agency Services
  • Pro-actively represent the cruise line in the port and act in their best interests
  • Reservation of berth in Malta (or for neighbouring island of Gozo)
  • Arrival & Departure Clearance
  • Arrange for any pilots, tugs, line handlers, fenders etc.
  • Provision of ship’s supplies including potable water, bunker oil, as per Vessel’s requirements
  • Arrange for any medical support for any passengers, officers, or crew.
  • Arrange for hotel reservations and transportation of passengers, officers, or crew (including crew changes).
  • Clearance and Delivery of ship spares
  • Ship Repairs
All Major Cruise Line Operators regularly call at Valletta including:

Azamara Cruises, Carnival, Costa, Crystal Cruises, Disney, Explora Journeys, Holland Americal Line, MSC, P&O Cruises, Princess, Ritz-Carlton, Sea Cloud, Seabourn, TUI, Windstar Cruises.

Land Arrangements
  • We can support with Pre-Cruise and Post-Cruise arrangements; offering additional tours and a variety of accommodation throughout Malta (where an array of international chain hotels are present).
  • Turnarounds – organising the embarkation and disembarkation of passengers and the logistical planning and coordination with port and immigration authorities.
  • Malta International Airport is well connected and now boasts over 100 routes in operation during peak season – meet and greet services can be easily organised.
  • Organising transportation for passengers via coaches for large groups or chauffeur services for smaller groups.
  • Private Arrangements and organising personalised experiences, such as private tours, exclusive dinners, or customised activities can also be arranged.
  • Special Requests – organising unique requests or needs that require immediate attention.
  • Destination Management Services can also be offered in combination with pre/post cruise arrangements.
  • Concierge Service – to cater for those who wish to have the freedom and flexibility combined with an unparalleled personalised service to create a unique travel experience during a visit to Malta.
Shore Excursions
  • Arrangement of the Cruise Operator’s agreed/selected shore excursions – smooth tour management coupled with an authentic experience.
  • Organising transportation for passengers via coaches for large groups or chauffeur services for smaller groups.
  • Private Arrangements and organising personalised experiences, such as private tours, exclusive dinners, or custom activities can also be arranged.
A “one-stop shop solution” solution

Cruise operators can find a highly professional setup covering ship agency, shore excursions and land arrangement activities under one roof.

We offer the coordination, cost efficiency of combining operations together, flexibility with special requests thereby enhancing and increasing passenger satisfaction.

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