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With the help of an active sales force as well as a quality customer service, we are able to establish strong customer support for the container & roro Liner Services we represent. Gollcher is a brand name which is well respected in the local commercial community for shipping to Malta.

Through the networks of our Liner Principals, we are able to offer container shipping services to and from practically every corner of the World.

Shipping to Malta through our Extensive Network

Amongst others, we represent the following Liner Principals who make shipping to Malta plain sailing:


Malta is today recognized as a major hub port in the Mediterranean by the large Container Operators who operate on the major Europe Asia routes.

Transhipment Logistics

Gollcher Group have the necessary experience and know-how to coordinate transhipment logistics via Malta.

Our services include:

  • Co-ordinating Operations with Lines Planning Offices/ Feeders and Terminal Operators
  • Control and tracking of the equipment and cargo
  • Compilation of discharge and loading cargo information
  • Extracting and updating container movements over Malta on Lines own systems
  • Monitoring vessel shipwork and reporting
  • Verifying tdr’s and accounting summaries