Record tonnage registered in Malta shipping register

Record tonnage registered in Malta shipping register

Malta’s shipping register has registered an increase of almost 8.3 million gross tonnage representing a growth rate of 14.3 per cent over the previous year, Transport Malta said.


It said that at end of December, the registered gross tonnage was 66.2 million.


This was a record figure for the Malta Flag and a significant achievement for the Malta Flag administration, since more than 900 ships for a total gross tonnage of over 12 million tons were registered during the year.


These results continued to consolidate Malta’s position as the leading ship register in Europe and the sixth largest in the world. This success, Transport Malta said, was mainly attributed to its continued effort and that of the Maltese shipping community to attract serious companies to the register.


Transport Malta said Malta also continued to consolidate its positive results in terms of its technical performance, reinforcing the quality of its registered fleet and its firm commitment towards safe, secure and clean shipping.


CEO James Piscopo said the Malta Register had also become a world leader in super yachts registration. Despite the current financial situation worldwide, the Malta flag registered an increase of 10.8 per cent over the previous year in the registration of super yachts of over 24 metres in length.


As of the end of December, the super yacht fleet flying the Maltese flag worldwide was 501 yachts.