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Gollcher appointed as Shipping Agent for ESPS Canarias – Spanish Navy

Gollcher appointed as Shipping Agent for ESPS Canarias – Spanish Navy

Shipping Agent services for the Navy ship

Gollcher Shipping was entrusted to provide various Shipping Agent services for ESPS Canarias. The Spanish Navy Ship was in Malta for an overnight stay earlier this month. During said visit, O.F. Gollcher & Sons – as partners of the GDL Group – was responsible for all Husbandry and Logistic requirements.

About the Ship

Delivered to the Navy in December 1994, ESPS CANARIAS is the sixth frigate of the 41st Escorts Squadron of the Spanish Navy.

The Santa María class of frigates is the Spanish Navy’s designation for six locally built warships based on the United States Oliver Hazard Perry-class frigates.  She was in fact, built by Navantia in Ferrol.

This frigate is a multi-role warship designed to carry out missions ranging from high intensity warfare conducting offensive and defensive operations by being integrated into a battle group, to low intensity situations against non-conventional threats.  It also performs special operations or humanitarian missions.  It may also operate in support of an intervention force, or the protection of commercial traffic for example.

Prior to its arrival in Malta, The Santa Maria Class ship was deployed for Operation Atlanta, alongside the ITS Marceglia countering piracy and monitoring fishing activity off the Somali coast.

ESPS CANARIAS is actually fitted with an SH-60 helicopter and a Marine Boarding Team that completes her capabilities and ensures she is capable of conducting any missions and tasks assigned to her.


Type: Frigate

Length / Beam / Draft – 138 m / 14,3 m / 7,5 m

Displacement – 3,900 t

Speed – 29 knots (maximum turbine)

Delivered to the Navy – 1994