Ship Repair

Various active ship repair facilities provide Shipowners and Operators a wide range of dry and afloat repair services.

Palumbo Shipyard is a major  yard whose drydocks can accommodate vessels up to 300,000 tons DWT.

Ship Repair Services

  • Docking and repair
  • Conversions
  • Hull treatment
  • Steelworks

for all types of vessels such as tankers, bulk carriers, rigs, AHTS etc.

Other private facilities such as Cassar, and Bezzina Ship Repair provide ship repair both afloat and in drydocks having a lifting capacity of between 5000 and 8500 tons.  Vessels and yachts with an loa of up to 140m can be accommodated.

For the luxury and mega yacht industry, slipping, drydocking and repair services are available at the Manoel Island Yacht Yard, Palumbo Malta Super Yachts and Melita Marine Group facilities. All yards employ highly skilled personnel and are also able to carry out certain works outside harbour.

Gollcher Shipping would be happy to provide you with port agency services whilst your vessels are in Malta.