Port Facilities

The Maltese archipelago – consisting of the Islands of Malta, Gozo and Comino – lies at the cultural, financial and geographical crossroads of the Mediterranean Sea. Malta, with Valletta as its capital, is the largest island of the group.

Our Ports

Strategically located at the centre of the Mediterranean Sea, at the confluence of the major sea-lanes linking Europe, North Africa and the Middle East, Malta’s unique position affords easy access to these markets and beyond. The Islands cover a total area of 316 square kilometers. Malta’s coastline is well indented with natural harbours as well as established ports.

Historically, these ports have established the Islands as a centre for Mediterranean commerce, combining old world charm with modern port facilities. Maritime activity centres on the 2 main Maltese ports, Valletta and Marsaxlokk, although a number of other ports occasionally host ships on international voyages, usually passenger vessels. Both are capable of providing a comprehensive package of maritime services including towage, salvage, pilotage, victualling and provisions of all kinds of stores and supplies. At the centre of countless shipping routes, these ports provide a wide variety of professional shipping services of value to major commercial entities.

Malta is served by two main port facilities, the Grand Harbour of Valletta and the Port of Marsaxlokk.