Welcome to Gollcher Shipping

Gollcher Shipping is the Ship Agency arm of the Gollcher Group which is an organisation at the forefront of the maritime, international transportation and travel sectors in Malta.

Shipping Agents Malta – Services:

Besides being Shipping Agents in Malta the Group offers other services including:

Freight ForwardingShip Registration, Marine Surveying, Courier Services, Cargo GSSA and Travel Services.

The core strategy of the Group is built around a total commitment towards providing an unrivalled professional service. In addition, our Success is also based upon a policy of sustained investment in human resources, training methods and information technology. A wealth of experience has been consequently gained over the years, and this enables us to exceed our customer’s expectations.

The Gollcher motto ” Framåt ” (forward in Swedish), projects the Group’s proactive philosophy to readily anticipate and deal with challenges ahead.

Gollcher Shipping Agents Malta is accredited by the Malta Competition & Consumer Affairs Authority to (MCCAA) SM EN ISO 9001:2015 Quality Standards.

The Group’s Head Office overlooks the attractive St. John’s Square at the heart of the Island’s Capital, Valletta.  You can find our exact location here.

Shipping Agents Malta